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Content writing for business


I provide professional-quality content for websites (including Search Engine Optimization), brochures, advertisements (print, press, radio), business cards, flyers, advertorials, press releases, newsletters, slogans/taglines and more. Whether your business is in retail, consultancy, hospitality, travel and tourism, health and fitness, education, real estate, building renovation, handyman services, trades, architecture, interior design, photography, art and crafts or just about any type of goods/products, I can help you find the best way to let your customers know what they need to know about your product or service. 



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As a passionate freelance journalist, I specialise in writing articles/feature articles on a range of topics including travel, lifestyle, health, education, biography, architecture and interior design. 


My writing is always based on sound, thorough research; I leave no stone unturned.



editing and proofreading


I offer structural editing, copyediting and proofreading for just about any type of written content.


Substantive/Structural Editing: this involves making changes to a document that will improve its overall quality, including the use of language, expression, style, tone and suitability to its intended audience. Changes can be quite significant.


Copyediting: editing a document for elements such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting and consistency of style. 


Proofreading: making minor changes to a document, such as fixing typographical errors, ensuring that it's ready for publication.





I am committed to providing quality content writing at an affordable price for your small business.


Current rates:


General content writing

*$55 per hour

SEO content writing for websites

*$55 per hour

Editing & Proofreading

 $45 per hour

Journalism negotiable


* includes two rounds of revisions

Web Content Package 1: $850

* Five pages of website content 
* SEO optimization using appropriate keywords
* 1 X meta description per page
* Two rounds of revisions
* Proofreading

Web Content Package 2: $1,600

* Ten pages of website content
* SEO optimization using appropriate keywords
* 1 X meta description per page
* Two rounds of revisions
* Proofreading
Please note that the rates above are in Australian dollars (AUD). If you live outside Australia, please adjust figures according to the following:
1:00 (AUD) = 0:72 (USD)
1:00 (AUD) = 0:94 (CAD)
1:00 (AUD) = 0:50 (GBP)
1:00 (AUD) = 0:64 (Euro)




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