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I offer affordable proofreading and editing services for education writers and publishers, particularly in science/biology but also history/geography, health/physical education, English and social science (primary and secondary school level). 


There are three different levels of service: 


1. Proofreading (Basic) 

Checks for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax (sentence structure). Changes tend to be minor, with a focus on accuracy. Proofreading is sometimes referred to as ‘copyediting’. 


2. Editing (Intermediate) 

Looks at the document as a whole, or in other words, the ‘big picture’. Includes proofreading as described above, AND Checks for things like repetition, wordiness and inconsistencies in word usage, style and spelling (British/American). This level of editing also checks the transition between paragraphs and how well the content ‘flows’ or maintains continuity. 


3. Substantive Editing (Advanced) 

Includes both proofreading and editing described above, but also involves more significant changes that will improve not only the document’s accuracy and continuity, but its overall use of language, style, tone and suitability to its intended audience. This level of editing can include major changes to wording. 





I am committed to providing affordable proofreading and editing services for education writers and publishers.


Current rates:


Proofreading (basic) 0.025 25.00
Editing (intermediate) 0.035 35.00
Substantive Editing (advanced) 0.045 45.00


Final cost will be determined by the total number of words in the document. I may also ask you to provide a sample of the document in order to determine the level of service required.





The first draft is black and white.

Editing gives the story color.

- Emma Hill



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